My Break Up with WordPress

Wordpress Photo

It seems almost blasphemous to say here, but I have never been a huge fan of WordPress.

Having spent some time with it at previous jobs and for college classes, I understand why people like it. For beginners to the website game, it’s large adoption rate can be enticing. If the best work with WordPress and you want to be one of the best, it stands to reason that you should work with WordPress. Furthermore, I think WordPress has definitely shown that it can grow with brands and blogs and therefore eliminate the fear of having to change CMS when you possibly gets bigger and bigger. There is also a sense of safety with WordPress. Being as established as it is, there is a lot of support out there for the CMS, whether it be from WordPress itself or other users. I think the unknown is one of the most intimidating things for people wishing to make a website and with WordPress, that fear is lightened slightly.

Saying all this; however, I have digressed from my original sentiment. I am not a huge fan of WordPress. (I must preface the rest of this post by saying I have never had a paid WordPress account, and I have had only had limited access to one in a previous job so forgive me if my understanding of the site is not completely accurate. ) Honestly, it has always seemed a little intimidating to me, especially regarding the visual look of a site. I feel like to get the best look visually on the site, even if you use a theme, you have to know how to code beyond the basics, which is scary especially for someone like me who knows little to nothing regarding HTML code.  For example, after finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, I was looking through sites to see which would be the best to host my portfolio. An advertising portfolio site needs to have a strong visual presence, and from what I could see with the WordPress themes accessible to me, I just didn’t see that happening. I have no doubt that it could be done on the site, but it required a skill that I, as a writer, didn’t have.

Because of my tendency to lean toward how something visually looks over its functionality, I wouldn’t have WordPress be my first choice. However, in my time using it as a blogging platform for classes, it has grown on me. I think from a blogging standpoint, it has its merits and is definitely easy-to-use in that regard. I definitely think it will remain a popular place for bloggers and smaller websites because of this. They could make the jump to enterprise level sites, but I feel like those would rather have a site made completely by them than use any CMS. But I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

So, please don’t hate me, WordPress. Maybe I just don’t understand you fully yet. I am sure you are a great CMS and make some people very happy. But for right now, that’s not me.



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